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owls and music

I'm Makenna. I'm a pretentious little indie kid on the outside, complete nerd on the inside. I play Pokémon like a demon, and I read insane amounts of manga. But mainly you'll find me freaking out over Glee or pouring over Harry Potter or Sarah Dessen novels. I'm a budding animator, as well, and I may post a bit of my WIP animations... but I'm not even in college yet, so that's fun. I really love owls, as well, if you can tell by my journal theme. Great Horned Owls are my favorites, but Burrowing Owls are cuter... I just love how majestic the Great Horneds are!

This is my personal journal, so I won't have a lot of friends on here, but be sure to add me if you really find little ol' me interesting. ;P

If you're here for my fanfiction, you're in the wrong place, baby. seekmainland is a complete list of my own fanfiction. However, if you're looking for even higher quality fanfiction from two amazing ficsters, check out my collaboration community at aknavemanner.